Bucket Elevators

When it comes to bucket elevators, Universal's record of research and performance can't be matched. When you're interested in moving materials of any kind, you'll find a Universal bucket elevator model to match your requirements.



Get your materials moving–whatever your material needs. Get higher capacity with less space with our unique dual-roll idler conveyors. Or for hostile material handling, look into our trough conveyors that can handle big capacity, designed with a low belt speed to minimize splash.



The P Series Bucket Elevator is designed and built to consistently set high standards in the food processing and material handling industries. This elevator provides excellent capacity, gentler handling and a take-away conveyor far better than the competition. The system features a weather-tight, dust-tight construction to maintain the integrity of your product and work environment. You have a choice of 5 models with capacities of up to 9,000 CFH.

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