TAPCO Replacement Elevator Buckets

Tapco stocks the largest inventory of elevator buckets and bolts in North America, some 900,000 buckets in 64 sizes, and 15 million bolts.

For over 35 years, and in more than 50 countries, Tapco has been solving the problem of bent & torn steel buckets. During a “hang-up” the Tapco bucket will “give or yield” to bypass obstructions. Then its memory will return it to its original shape. In tests, we have pulled the front lip down below the bottom of the bucket – it did not crack or tear – but slowly returned to a usable condition.

Only TAPCO buckets are molded from prime virgin polyethylene in a grade this tough. The most common cause of bucket elevator downtime is “bucket failure”. TAPCO buckets keep working long after other brands fail! Minimize your downtime. Use TAPCO elevator buckets.

The “HEAVY DUTY” nonmetallic elevator bucket...

A heavy duty agricultural bucket for handling grains, feeds, fertilizers, seeds, salt, sand, chemicals, and a variety of other free flowing materials. Polyethylene is ideal for most applications, while nylon or urethane is recommended for highly abrasive products or extremely high throughput elevators.


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  • Precise Discharge - Consistent profile shape assures uniform discharge characteristics over the entire bucket range.
  • Perfect Fit - Direct interchange and replacement of style CC and European pressed steel buckets. No modifications to your elevator are needed
  • Profitable, High-Speed Handling - Tested and proven designs allow a direct, compact discharge path for improved, high-speed performance.
  • Increased Safety - Nonmetallic materials eliminate the possibility of explosioncausing sparking from bent and torn steel buckets.
  • Ease of Installation -  Lighter weight aids in mounting buckets and reduces load on belt and running components. Nonmetallic materials eliminate hazardous sharp edges of steel buckets.
  • Prevents Backlegging - Straight sided CC design helps end costly backlegging.
  • Tough & Flexible - Injection molded polyethylene “gives” or “yields” to bypass obstructions in your elevator, allowing the bucket to return to its original shape.
  • Unequaled Strength - Thick walls and high-impact polyethylene provide exceptional strength. N
  • Accurate & Reliable Capacity Ratings - Equal or greater carrying capacity of equivalent steel buckets. Smooth, rounded front lip aids in filling of bucket.
  • Increased Production - Engineered designs allow closer bucket spacing for more product throughput per hour.
  • Cost Efficient - Prime virgin nonmetallic materials give unsurpassed bucket life for maximum return on investment.
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Tapco Replacement Elevator Buckets
Tapco Replacement Buckets

Styles and Sizes Available:

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