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Not All Equipment is Created Equally

Buying the right seed cleaner...

At North Valley, we get a lot of calls from customers looking to buy new seed cleaners, and often they are very confused about what they want or need. When it comes to the screening aspect of seed cleaning I think most brands do a comparable job, what sets one brand apart from another is their air systems.

I have been in 100’s of seed processing facilities in my life time, owned and operated a seed plant for nearly 20 years and I will stake my life long knowledge and reputation on what makes a seed cleaner, its air system. The two brands that most appeal to me are Clipper and the Westrup. Why might you ask?

...Well because of the air systems, the top and bottom air fans,  and their settling chambers. Remember, if you can give your seed one final air blast as its exiting the machine, its the last line of defence for the removal of dust and foreign material.

Last year, we sold a Clipper 526 machine to a customer who wired the fan backwards, so uppon startup we noticed right away that it was not pulling the air as it should be and quickly corrected the wiring mistake. All at once, we had so much air, that we could pull whole peas through the cleaner. A remarkable air system...and yes we did dial the air volume back to the ideal setting point for the job to be done correctly.

When you choose the right type of seed cleaner for your application, that cleaner can do alot of the work for you if just set up correctly. It will also take a lot of the pressure off your system, further upstream.

Talk to us about your next Air & Screen Seed Cleaner and we will give you honest, reliable feedback on which models and brands we see performing really well out in the field. We distribute for several manufacturers so we can offer an unbiased and sound information to you customers. Since we sell various brands, we can ensure we have the right solution for your needs.

Thank you,
Sean McGivern, President