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North Valley Ag & Mill at the PEI Soil & Crop Conference
North Valley Ag & Mill at the PEI Soil & Crop Conference

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2019 Spring Newsletter

I hope 2019 is off to a great start for you and that we have favorable planting…

I am Sean McGivern, owner of North Valley Ag & Mill Equipment. Prior to starting the business in 2015, I worked with my family in our seed cleaning and farming business in central Ontario, however I decided to switch things up and venture into equipment sales full time. However, farming is still my passion.

I’ve always struggled to find well informed equipment suppliers. Most, if not all, of the sales reps that would call on us, had never even worked in a seed plant and didn’t fullly grasp the best equipment for our needs. So in 2015, I decided to start selling equipment, first and foremost selling customers the right solutions, rather than just what I had pictures of in a catalogue. I put my own experiences to work first hand helping my new customers, and it’s been a huge success thanks to all of my customers who gave me a chance to do business with them.

I work with a full selection of equipment manufactures to help my customers get the right equipment to meet their needs, at a fair price with sound service. If you have any projects on the go this year, I would appreciate a chance to quote you and to see if I can earn your business in 2019 and beyond.

I supply equipment for Dehulling, Oat Flaking, Seed Cleaning, Barley Pearling, Oil Pressing, Color Sorters, Hemp Processing & Flour Milling. I can supply one machine or a complete processing facility.

We also sell several Clipper Seed Cleaners each year, all over North America, and we want to congratulate Clipper on their 150th Anniversary in 2019. Thanks for taking the time to read this and I hope to hear from you the next time you have a project on the go or you need some parts or new screens, I am here to help in any way I can.

I am keen and will work hard to see that you are treated fairly and that your business is appreciated.

Best Regards,
Sean McGivern