Office Tester - Clipper Seed Cleaners

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Office Tester - Clipper Seed Cleaners


Clipper Office Tester

  • Accurate, dependable performance for small lot cleaning, testing, or sampling
  • Tabletop design is small, yet accurate
  • Compact and easy to move
  • Used in seed plants for sampling large lots
  • Popular with vegetable and flower growers and in seed stores for specialized cleaning, grading, and sizing
  • Many laboratory uses

Standard Features: 

  • Removeable inlet hopper with spring loaded discharge gate
  • Shoe uses two 10" x 15" screens, one for the top scalper and the other for the lower sift
  • Optional removable catchall performs as an air screening receptacle with removable tray
  • Powerful bottom blast fan driven by a three-step pulley for different air requirements
  • Adjustable slide on the air intake openings provide intermediate air regulation


  • Over 175 different screensizes to choose from
  • 50 Hertz power is available
  • Optional removable catchall performs as an air screening receptacle with either solid bottom or removable bottom trays


Weight: 75.000 lbs (34.019 kg)

Inlet Height: 28.000 in (71.12 cm)

Base Width: 12.250 in (31.115 cm)

Base Length: 21.500 in (54.61 cm)

Overall Height: 23.500 in (59.69 cm)

Overall Width: 18.000 in (45.72 cm)

Overall Length: 28.500 in (72.39 cm)


  • Used for small lot testing or cleaning
  • Used to determine screen selection to be used in larger production cleaners

Electrical Requirements: 

  • 115/230 volt, 1 phase power
  • Optional 3 phase, either 50 or 60 hertz available

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