New Generation 668-2-4 - Clipper Seed Cleaners

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New Generation 668-2-4 - Clipper Seed Cleaners


New Generation 668-2-4. A six screen cleaner that utilizes six 86” length decks. Each screen deck uses 3-26" screen sections and a screen blank. A total of 175.5 Square feet of screen area. The New Generation 668-2-4 cleaner offers a top shoe assembly with a split-scalp or a scalp-scalpt or an optional scalp-sift flow and a bottom shoe assembly with a 4-way split-sift flow. 

Standard Features: 

  • 4" square tubing frame that is 1/4" (6.35mm) thick.
  • Exclusive 1/2" throw on eccentric drive of cleaning shoes for smooth seed flow and maximum seed separation.
  • Reverse incline back fan unit to develope up to 8400 CFM @ 5" SP on standard 10 Hp drive and up to 11,000 CFM @ 5" SP with optional 15 Hp drive. Drive setup can easily be changed to match air and electrical requirements.
  • Electronic variable speed vibratory inlet feed hopper with adjustable internal gate for uniform seed flow thru air column and onto screens.
  • New style heavy duty screen cleaning ball trays so that screens can be changed without removing ball trays.
  • 2 calibrated air gate controls that work in combination with back adjustable doors for precise air separation settings.
  • Replaceable metal screenways and rubber screen seals for ease of future repair.
  • New style shoe hangers and drive connectors for smooth counterbalanced operation.
  • Air lock discharge trash augers with bottom access door for ease of clean-out.


  • Over 150 different standard screen sizes available with additional screen sizes available upon request. 
  • Bottom blast fan for specialized air separation requirements. 
  • Grease line package to grease machine from central location.
  • Various motor drive packages of 50 or 60 Hertz, Single or Three phase, TEFC or Ex-Proof.
  • Side mounted control panel to control electronic variable speeds from one location.
  • 15 Hp back fan drive package for higher capacity requirements.
  • Optional Scalp-sift top shoe. Optional Split-scalp variavle pitch top shoe.
  • Calibrated hopper gate control extended down to side of machine.


Weight: 7500.000 lbs (3401.94 kg)

Inlet Height: 107.000 in (271.78 cm)

Base Width: 71.500 in (181.61 cm)

Base Length: 174.000 in (441.96 cm)

Overall Height: 107.000 in (271.78 cm)

Overall Width: 86.000 in (218.44 cm)

Overall Length: 180.000 in (457.2 cm)


Capacities range from 200 to 900 BPH (5.4-24.4MTH) for precision cleaning and up to 1800 BPH (49MTH) of market cleaning

Air Output: 

Up to 8400 CFM @ 5 Inches of Static Pressure

Electrical Requirements: 

  • 1/2 Hp (.375Kw) on inlet vibratory feed hopper
  • 3 Hp (2.25Kw) on eccentric shoe drive
  • 10 Hp (7.5Kw) on main fan system. Optional 15Hp (11.25Kw) drive is available for higher capacity requirements
  • Optional bottom blast fan requires 3 Hp (2.25Kw)

Clipper New Generation 668-3-3 Product Sheet

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