Clipper seed and grain cleaners have been manufactured by the A.T. Ferrell Company, Inc. since 1869. Their reliable products have evolved from many years of experience, making Clipper seed and grain cleaners the most widely used air screen cleaners in the world. North Valley Ag & Mill Equipment distributes the full line of Clipper products. 

The Clipper Advantage

Listed below are a few of the features that continue to set Clipper apart from the rest and provide our customers with the lowest maintanance cost over the life of the cleaner.

  1.  Frame - Clipper uses a 1/4" thick walled tubing for its machines. All cross members and sides are made of this thickness of material. A clipper frame is welded together, not bolted together as a lot of the competitors frames. This will keep the machine true intransit and installation.

  2. Throw of the Shoe - Clipper is the only major manufacturer of seed cleaners to use the 1/2" throw eccentric assembly. The shorter throw allows each seed to see more opennings and move down the screen at an even rate. All other major brand of seed cleaners use a longer throw which does not shake the seed down the screen, but conveys the seed in a long uneven motion. The difference in the movement of the seed is quite obvious when comparing a Clipper and a competitor's machine.

  3. Shoe Hangers and Pitman Connecting Arms - Clipper uses a 1/4" thick scotch-ply hanger arm and pitman. Replacement parts for these hangers and drive arms are few and far between. We also make the hangers shorter than most competitors to keep cleaning shoes moving front to back, not sideways.

  4. Shoe Drive - Shoes are driven by one shaft to ensure that the shoes stay in time with each other. Some competitive machines use two shafts and a timing belt which can skip clogs and will be a continual maintanance item.

  5. Screens - Screens are one of the most important factors when buying a new machine. Clipper screens have all the wood cross support members wrapped on ALL four sides with metal to support the screens (except on the farm models). In addition we use special 3/4" ring shank nails (not staples or coated nails) to hold the screen material in place.

    When pricing new machines, customers should not only ask what the price of all the screens needed at thr time will be, but also ask what the list price is for future reference. Clipper screens are priced up to 40% less than our competitors.

  6. Air Settling Chambers and Discharge Augers - Clipper positions the settling chamber for each separation as close as possible to the seperation point to drop the trash out of the air stream quickly. This ensures that the air is working to increase the purity level of the product and only lift out light weight trash and immature seed. After air separation has taken place, the trash is discharged out the side of the machine by way of an air lock discharge auger. These augers have a bottom access door for ease of clean out.

  7. Screenways - Screenways are screwed into the shoe sides. After years of service these screen ways can be easily replaced so screens will slide into new liners.

  8. Back Fan Drive - The back fan is belt driven so that the fan speed can be adjusted to match air requirements by changing the pulley ratio.

Changing the screens on a larger Clipper Seed Cleaner.


Featured Product: Clipper Prelude 526

Install of Clipper Prelude at Osprey Organics, Feversham Ontario -  June 2016:

Install of Clipper Prelude at Osprey Organics, Feversham Ontario - June 2016:

The Clipper Prelude 526 by A.T. Ferrell offers a single-shoe assembly consisting of a Scalp-Scalp-Sift flow or a Scalp, Split-Sift Flow. All screens are 54” wide. The top scalping screen deck is 34” in length while the other two screen decks are 60” in length. All screen sections are 54" x 26" sections. The Prelude utilizes Ball Tray Cleaning Technology, Variable Screen Configurations and Pre-Suction and After-Suction Aspiration with Adjustable Air Controls.

Clipper Prelude 526 Product Sheet

Additional Clipper Seed Cleaners Products from North Valley Ag & Mill Equipment.

An Eclipse 324 recently sold to an Organic Farm in Eastern Ontario:

The Clipper In Use
Clipper in Use 2
Clipper in Use 3

Clipper Airstream cleaning Winter Red Wheat in the testing lab at AT Ferrell Inc.

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