North Valley Ag & Mill Equipment delivers value added products that excel in meeting the needs of our Canadian and International agricultural and food processing customer base. With over 18 years experience in the seed & milling sectors, let our experience work hard for you.

Our Agriculture & Milling Equipment Sales Include: 

Bag Handling & Closing Equipment | Barn EquipmentDust Collecting Equipment | Colour Sorting Equipment | Feed Milling Equipment | Grain Handling Equipment | Grain Storage Equipment | Hullers & Pearlers | Malting Equipment | Milling & Flaking  
Nut EquipmentOil Press Equipment | Pellet Mills | Seed Cleaning Equipment | Pre-Owned / Used Equipment

Tapco Replacement Buckets

For all types of elevator legs. Let us quote your needs today!!!

Metco Seed Totes Now Available

Let us help you be more efficient and accurate with seeding.

Welcome Kongskilde to our mix of Grain Handling Equipment

A leader in system solutions for transportation, drying, storage and sorting of grain and other crops and drying of big bales.

Bucket Elevators, Seed Cleaners, and Sead Treaters Available at North Valley Ag & Mill...

Read more about their high quality line of equipment...

Profile Industries joins North Valley in our Product Offering with Heavy Duty Spiral and Rotary Separators.

They are the most cost-effective and eco-friendly way to separate your materials and make your business more profitable.Spiral uses include separating good seed from splits, weed seed, chaff, hulls,stems, etc. Spirals are also used to separate seeds of one kind from another depending on their shape and more

Welcome Bauman Manufacturing

to our NEW Barn Equipment product offering with Barn Stabling Equipment.

NoroGard joins North Valley in our Product Offering of Seed Treaters

A very high quality line up of Seed Coating Equipment. Read more about it...

NOW Available! Kingwood Bins

Kingwood Bins manufactures and installs smoothwall hopper bins from 2 to 30 tonne in size. Constructed of 12G steel (except for bins under 5 tonne), our bins are powder-paint finished with 1 interior and 2 exterior coats. Standard bin body colour is white, but the accessory colour is your choice!

Forsbergs Vaccum Gravity Separators

Forsberg‘s Vacuum Gravity Separators have a reputation of being the most accurate and efficient dust-free separators available.

Oil Presses by the Oil Press Co
New to North Valley Ag & Mill

Announcing ...We Now Carry American-Newlong Bagging Systems

They are one of the World's Leading Manufacturers of Automated Bag Packaging Equipment and Automatic Bagging Systems. Their equipment is proven to perform reliably in the food, fertilizer, grain, feed, and chemical industries, among others.

Concept Industries is a great addition to the North Valley line up of Bins...

Whether it be for grain, fertilizer, seed,or liquid storage, these well made and guaranteed bins will impress more..

NEW Dehuller by North Valley Ag & Mill!

North Valley now offers a cost effective, high capacity dehuller under its own name. Read more about it......

Also welcome Ventway Systems…

with a top quality lineup of Barn Curtain Systems. Read more..

NEW Gramin Commercial and Large Capacity Grain Mixers.

They are engineered for both efficiency and cost effectiveness. They excel at both of these because the units employ gravity as part of the mixing process. This means they require less horsepower and makes them less costly to operate. Both heavy duty and quiet, these larger capacity mixers provide quick and total blending of grains, mineral supplements and vitamins. Read more about their products...