North Valley Ag & Mill Equipment delivers value added products that excel in meeting the needs of our Canadian and International agricultural and food processing customer base. With over 18 years experience in the seed & milling sectors, let our experience work hard for you.

Our Agriculture & Milling Equipment Sales Include: 

Our Recent Installations

75 hp electric walinga grain vac sold to Maine Grain

75 hp electric Walinga Grain Vac sold to Maine Grain

Recent Installation1

New Codema Dehuller sold to 0sprey Organics, Feversham Ontario


August 2016 - New Codema Dehuller sold to Osprey Organics along with a reconditioned Carter Day Aspirator for hulls separation.

Recent Installation of a Clipper Prelude

ECLIPSE 324 for Farm Sized Seed Cleaner

An Eclipse 324 sold to an organic farm in Eastern Ontario. The Clipper Eclipse is a small cleaner designed for low maintenance and easy cleanout.

June 2017 - Newly built stainless steel custom built ArrowCorp equipment for a new Hemp processing and dehulling  facility in Manitoba 

CME Pellet Mill Installation

Install of Clipper Prelude at Osprey Organics, Feversham Ontario

The Clipper Prelude features: Ball Tray Cleaning Technology, Variable Screen Configurations and Pre-Suction and After-Suction Aspiration with Adjustable Air Controls.

June 2017 - New Clipper 334 with a custom built stand, going to a customer in Arizona USA. 

Clipper Seed Cleaners by A.T. Ferrell

Clipper seed and grain cleaners have been manufactured by the A.T. Ferrell Company, Inc. since 1869. Their reliable products have evolved from many years of experience, making Clipper seed and grain cleaners the most widely used air screen cleaners in the world. North Valley Ag & Mill Equipment distributes the full line of Clipper products. 

NOW Available! Kingwood Bins

Kingwood Bins manufactures and installs smoothwall hopper bins from 2 to 30 tonne in size. Constructed of 12G steel (except for bins under 5 tonne), our bins are powder-paint finished with 1 interior and 2 exterior coats. Standard bin body colour is white, but the accessory colour is your choice!


New Agricultural Poly Bins! 

The heaviest walled Poly Bin on the market today. Canadian Made in Ontario. Poly Bin sizing from 0.25 mt to 6 mt, with eleven (11) sizes to choose from. Please call for additional info and pricing. 



Now Available Tapco Replacement Buckets

For all types of elevator legs. Let us quote your needs today!!!


Now Available Forsbergs Vaccum Gravity Separators

Forsberg‘s Vacuum Gravity Separators have a reputation of being the most accurate and efficient dust-free separators available.


NEW Metco Seed Totes Now Available

Let us help you be more efficient and accurate with seeding.


Oil Extraction Presses by Oil Press Co. Now Available!

Features and Benefits Found Nowhere Else. Click on the image to the left and read up on this product that helps farmers create energy independent, self-sustaining agriculture.